Use a CRO to enter the French medical market

Local CROs critical in understanding French market

Making use of a CRO which is specialised in Cosmetics, Health and Nutrition can ensure smooth entry into the French arena. BG Clinicals offers methodological assessment of needs and experience in clinical trial management in this region. Our team of experts also offers expertise in international trial coordination and an extensive partnership with local technological experts.

Biomedical Global Solutions offers advice on scientific and regulatory requirements and standards, the necessary expertise and experience to guide and support technical and financial project setup. Our trained specialist teams have access to the latest information for interpreting and applying legislation and regulation data for the French region. We offer expertise on various pharmaceutical product requirements and are able to adapt drug molecules according to the French legislation, essential for those wanting to enter the French pharmaceutical markets successfully.

Making use of a local company to guide you in the correct, legal processes for clinical trials is great help when entering new markets. The years of experience and partnerships with respected local networks means Biomedical Global solutions is perfectly positioned to provide guidance and support during the long process from trial inception, through to sample storage and report writing. When attempting to enter the French markets it is vitally important to adhere to the appropriate legal and scientific standards to ensure the integrity of the trials. A local, private CRO is a sensible choice when it comes to ensuring the desired outcomes of your clinical trial process.

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